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Healing Rhythms

Listen, yield, respond, rest, inquire:


Opening into a state of alignment with the natural balance and integrity of our Spirit, continually recalibrating and self-referencing: our Soul Essence present upon this Earth.

Flower by Brian Keeble

Naming you here I give your life to sound to revere the silence that year after year, from ancient dust your presence makes clear, so words may awaken what song hold dear.

You mirror the light, I must make shine in song, true sight granted to each bloom its birth right, each word spoken, emerging bright, resplendent, stark like a sun at night.

Sri Yantra
The Beauty of the Three Worlds

The Sri Yantra is formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central point (bindu), the junction point between the physical universe and its unmanifest source.
The Sri Yantra represents the union of the divine Masculine and Feminine.

The Sri Yantra increases the flow of divine cosmic energy.

It is an instrument for the development and evolution of our consciousness.

When “Om,” the primordial sound of creation, is intoned into a tonoscope it forms in the substance the Sri Yantra, the visual representation of the Om Chant and the vibration behind the cosmos itself, the “sound” of the aetheric medium or “fabric” of space. Tellingly, it displays a self-similar/ fractal interlaced tetrahedra within concentric circles motif. Sound into form is a fundamental truth of reality. The Om Chant itself is one for expanding consciousness by developing resonance with the cosmos.

To see the whole universe/ everything at once.

All matter is composed of a symphony of interrelated waves. These waves oscillate back and forth from time/space to space/time creating interference patterns. The interference patterns create (by the very nature of reality) geometry upon which vortices of photons, subatomic particles, atoms, molecules and cells coalesce upon. These ‘particles’ of matter concentrate upon the nodes (crossings), edges and corners of the geometry. This is seen in subatomic particle interactions, atoms, molecules, minerals, snowflakes, crystals, plants, flowers (as we see here), insects, animals, humans, features of planets, planetary orbits, galaxies and galactic clusters. We have the same principles and processes at work on all scales of nature. Nature is consistent in her laws.
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Healing Rhythms